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Amazing Detoxify Recipes for Healthy Body and Skin

Home made detox water recipes

Whether its summer or winters, keeping body well hydrated is always good for healthy body and a best glowing skin. It need a lot of courage and stamina to get hydrated only by drinking water as it seems to be boring if we only drink plain water however we need to have this courage to maintain the body functioning in a best possible way. We should understand this phenomena that if we do not drink plenty of water it will lead to health issues like feeling tired and having headache. Eventually this thing lead to bad day because of the irritated mood.

There are ways to make it easy to keep the levels of water in body and the simple one is having the spa treatment. We all know whether we have visited spa or not as we have seen in the television that the water in the spa is rich with various herbs, fruits and vegetables which for sure have a best effect in the body and help it in getting the water in a rich nutrient ways.

Here is the list of various detox water treatments, which you can apply by your own:

  • Detox water with mint, lemon and cucumber:

It is the best and old combination for spa water. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which help skin brightening and help in collagen production. Other than this, vitamin C in lemon act as anti oxidant to neutralize free radicals. Mint in the spa water help in preventing acne and with lemon these acne marks can be reduced as it contains bleaching effects. Cucumber in this will reduce the irritation and swelling and they are well known for being rich in water content. So this combination will help in many ways while used in spa.

  • Cucumber, ginger, and mint spa water:

Combine cucumber with mint leaves and ginger slice in spa water will in detoxifying kidneys and help in making the skin clear and fresh as cucumber and mint is helpful in preventing acne and hydrating body while ginger is known for its anti-oxidant properties and providing a equal tone to the skin.

  • Skin detoxing water:

For skin detoxing water make a combination of lemons with apple, strawberries, mint and cinnamon. This combination is rich in nutrients especially vitamin C with mint and cinnamon with their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial quality.

  • Vinegar detox water:

Having a glass of warm water with vinegar either lemon or apple cider daily is helpful in detoxifying liver and so as your body.

  • Vitamin water of fruits:

Prepare a glass full of fresh fruits and herbs of the season to have original and natural vitamins instead of purchasing one from market.

  • Spa water with strawberries:

Add strawberries to the spa water, as it is rich in vitamin C and act as anti-oxidant. Strawberries are acidic in nature and they have a brightening effect on the skin.

  • Peach, kiwi and raspberry water:

Water infused with fruits like kiwi, raspberry and peach is rich in fiber, vitamin and anti-oxidant and it will be fun to drink it as it taste good too.

  • Orange and blueberry water:

Having water infused with oranges and blueberries is a real treat for everyone and a treat for body also. Blueberries are rich in nutrients and act an anti-aging and anti-oxidant and help cleaning up your blood from cholesterol. Oranges are full with vitamin C and one orange is enough to fulfill daily vitamin C requirement. Help your body with this anti-oxidant infused water.

  • Mint water with blue berries:

It makes a best combination to have a glass of water infused with mint and blueberries, having a rich anti-oxidant drink with high nutritional values.

  • Basil water with cucumber and strawberry:

Basil leaves are best as anti-inflammatory and help in joint pains. It is also considered as stress relieving and while combing it with strawberries and cucumber make it more effective for body. Have a glass of infused water with sliced cucumber, strawberries and fresh basil leaves to boost you and to help detoxify.

Let me know what you think about these easy and quick detox water recipes in the comment section below. Do not forget to follow us on Mehwish Mehr and Find Fashion Updates for regular updates.

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