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How diluting Shampoo with Aloe Vera Juice can bring life to your hair?

Benefits of Diluting Shampoo with Aloe vera juice


There are number of girls that are having hair-fall, split ends and other issues related to hair. And all of us are willing to give anything to find a solution to that. But most of us are tired of finding a way and got nothing. So, here we have a tested solution that is not only amazing but has an impressive result which many of the users must have witnessed.

We all use shampoo in our daily life but never think of bringing some variation to it. No, don’t worry I am not asking for having a million-dollar shampoo. But just a juice that will surely bring a soft, moist and eye-opening result to your hair. Yes, it is the Aloe Vera Juice!! If you add this ingredient to your regular shampoo, it will bring all the results you have ever dreamt of because it reduces the effect of soapy ingredients available in the shampoo. However, by using the binding agents within the formula, aloe vera effectively gets absorbed into your scalp, giving best out of your hair washing routine.

We have heard about this many times from our grandparents that Aloe Vera is an amazing ingredient for hair but hardly 5% of us have ever experimented that. Now we have launched this juice which you can easily dilute in you shampoo and it will improve your hair. The difference is because you can store this juice or shampoo diluted with this Aloe Vera Juice. Fresh can also be used but it needs blending and removing the pulp. The problem is to make fresh one every time to dilute shampoo but this juice is 99.9% pure and can be easily stored like regular shampoo.

Steps to add Aloe Vera Juice:

The first step of this whole procedure is to have 99.9% Pure Aloe Vera Juice. After that the important things that will lead you to the end are shampoo, empty bottle, applicator (recommended) – if not, prepare the mixture within regular shampoo bottle, peppermint and tea tree essential oil (you can use other essential oils if you like).

Now here comes the question how to use that all and don’t worry we will explain you here all the steps in detail. The step one is to take an applicator or an empty bottle whatever is available or at ease for you. Now considering the bottle you must take the measurements and with that pour 70% of the shampoo in the bottle and 30% of the Aloe Vera Juice.

Now mix them well and when you are done, add 5 drops of tea tree oil essential and peppermint. Shake them well so that all of them are fixed properly. Now you are good to go and can use the shampoo while having your hair wash routine.

Here are few tips to get maximum out of hair washing routine:

The first is your position while you shampooing your hair. You should never shampoo your hair in straight posture as they become weak in that position due to the water pressure directly on crown section where hair got weak roots. So, always wash in upside down position when it comes to shampooing your hair and don’t condition your crown part. Only the hair ends are needed to be conditioned. And another important part of shampooing your hair is that it should be only your scalp that should be shampooed.

Moreover, the upside down hair washing position also helps in the blood circulation to your head that also nurtures your hair and strengthens them. The addition of Aloe Vera Juice in your shampoo along with other things mentioned above is a tested method and give amazing results. You may use fresh aloe vera but in case, you are looking for time saving ideas, the Aloe Vera Juice is available at store so get it first to make your hair look beautiful, smooth and silky!

Happy Healthy Hair!!

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