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How to remove unwanted facial hair at home?

Home remedy to remove unwanted facial hair
Facial hair is actually an issue faced by women all around the world. It is really uncomfortable to have prominent unwanted hair so why not treat it at home. This mask with brighten up the skin tone and on regular usage, you will feel a good reduction in unwanted facial hair.
You will need following ingredients to prepare the mask:
1. Half Tomato helps in removing the uneven skin tone or sun tanning
2. Half Lemon: removes tanning and fight bacteria.
3. Grater: for grating tomato
4. 1 tablespoon Coffee Powder: removes dead skin
5. 1 tablespoon Sandal Powder: brightens up the skin
6. Gelatin – 1 tablespoon
Home remedy to remove unwanted facial hair
1. Start off with grating half a tomato. Extracting the juice from its pulp with the help of clean cloth or a strainer.
2. Now squeeze half a lemon and add other ingredients (coffee and sandal powder) according to the mentioned quantities to the mask, excluding gelatin. Keeping mixing the ingredients unless it becomes a nice paste.
3. Add gelatin and make a thick paste.
4. Once the paste is ready, use a double boiler or boil water in a pan and place the steel bowl with mixture into it so that it becomes a stable paste. It would not take more than 20 seconds to cook, so be careful.
• Secure your hair with hair gel which you don’t want to remove such as hair line because this paste is a peel off and possess a strong grip on hair. Hair cream or gel will make it more clear the areas of application.
• Carefully apply a thick layer to the entire face and a really good one where you have massive amount of unwanted hair. Make sure you apply the mask in downward direction.
• Let it stay for 20 to 22 minutes or until it becomes really dry on your face
• Begin removing the mask in opposite direction (upwards) to what you applied it in.
• As it is sort of a peel off and possess a strong grip over hair, remove it gently.
• Once done, wash and moisturise the way you regularly do.
Other Important Instructions:
• The drier it is, the best results you can get.
• For sensitive skin, do a patch test first.
It definitely works so give it a try. Do let me know your results in the comment section below and do not forget to follow me on instagram. Apply it once a month or according to the requirement. It hurts when you take it off because it extracts the hair from its roots due to gelatin. Do it consistently as it has double effects of clearing up your skin tone and removing unwanted facial hair.

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