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Home remedy for wrinkles/ fine lines

mask to treat and reduce wrinkles


To all the girls who are afraid of the loose skin and wrinkles that they know will come, we have a great inexpensive solution for you. All of us are afraid to see some lines and wrinkles appearing on our skin but to have wrinkles when ageing is not a compulsion. It’s not true and we can control our wrinkles and fine lines if we treat it well before they even appear.

Why do we have wrinkles and fine lines?
These are considered to be the part of ageing but its controllable with prior intensive care. Due to the breakdown of elastin fibres and collagen, they tend to appear. It is associated with age because our skin tends to produce less collagen which ultimately results in skin wrinkling.

What is the purpose of collagen in my skin?
As this is a Greek word, collagen means “glue-producing”. As a matter of fact, the collagen in our skin is not as sticky as glue but its good is to hold the tissues like tendons and skin together, giving the skin a firm and tight look. Elastin and collagen fibres are responsible to keep skin stretched and strengthened respectively.
Wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin is associated with age because our body loose its ability to produce elastin and collagen to keep skin firm. With the help of home remedies, products and treatments to slow down the process of losing collagen and elastin, hence enjoy a youthful skin.

Home Remedies to treat wrinkles and fine lines:
Here we have a perfect mask with not only instant but long-lasting results that will be a treat to your skin. The mask is also available on our social handles with complete description about how to use.

Steps to follow for preparing anti ageing face and neck mask:
Here are the details of all the steps and ingredients that are required for the mask. To keep up with the measurements and ingredients is an important part because that is something which will bring the desired results.
The ingredients are:

  • lemon juice
  • raw honey
  • egg white


  • lemon juice should be ½ TBSP
  • raw honey should also be ½ TBSP
  • one egg white

Now take a bowl and put exact amount of ingredients in bowl. Mix the mixture properly and apply the mask on face and neck. Additionally, you can over the area with tissues like shown in this video. You can apply 2 to 3 coats of blend with tissues as it can help you to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and light to medium facial hair. Neck and face are the most prominent parts where wrinkles or fine lines appear rapidly. So, apply the mask and let it dry. It may take 15 to 20 minutes so be patient.
Be gentle while take it off.

Once you take it off, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry with tissues and discard them. Lock the moisture with your moisturising routine. You can also massage face with aloe vera juice before the moisturising routine to enjoy all the benefits of aloe vera plant along with extremely hydrated skin.

Using tissues instead of towel can help you get rid of a lot of bacteria resulting in a good healthy skin.”

It’s never too late to care about yourself and the best part is you can always make yourself better by owning yourself and appreciating your own. Whether it is skin, hair, feet or any other part of body, you should always work on yourself because you are a flawless beauty. This mask is safe to be used by girls of 18 and more.

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