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Is Cube Suntastic – Sunblock worth spending on?

Cube Organic Sunblock Review

If you are unaware of damages caused by sunlight, this is a great time to learn about it because winter is here. The severe and immediate danger of sunlight to the skin is sunburn. It means the sunlight damages the cells and blood vessels to an extreme damage and if it continues, skin can suffer even worst situation such as wrinkles, dryness, leathery textured and discolored.
How to avoid harmful effects of the sun?
Though staying out of sunrays is the great idea but not practical. So, whenever you spend time outdoors, following are the quick precautions you should take:
1. Do not forget to wear sunblock/ sunscreen. Apply it daily.
2. Sun in the middle of the day is actually really dangerous to avoid going out during 10am to 3pm. The strong UV (ultraviolet) rays causes sunburn is strongest in these hours.
3. Make sure you are wearing protective clothes such as slacks, long sleeves, covered neck, sunglasses that filters out UV light, wide-brimmed hat and others which blocks out sunlight.
As far as sunscreen is concerned, give a try to Cube Sunblock. It is great for all year long without any problem of being greasy. It is an organically produced sunscreen that nourishes and protects skin from almost all sun damages including skin redness due to presence of coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and carrot seed oil, along with other amazing ingredients. Winters give a really tough time because sitting in sunlight is considered a great hobby, so you better wear Suntastic every day.
I have been using this sunblock since four months and I am a huge fan as far as the results are concerned. Generally, we always complain about how greasy these sunblock leaves our skin but this one is a great investment. Here are some great benefits this product comes with.
Benefits of Cube Suntastic:
• Non-greasy
• Smooth Texture
• Protection from UVA/ UVB
• Prevents Brown spots
• Easy Application
• Protection from sun damage
• Reduction in wrinkles
• 100% organically produced
• Anti-aging
• Anti-inflammatory
• Contains Vitamins A, C, E and F
• Reflects away sunlight once applied
• Prevents blotchy skin
• Reduces chances of skin cancer
It is a laboratory-tested sunblock offering SPF 50. Other highlights are that this sunblock is (Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum, SLS) free, Hypoallergenic, water resistant and odorless.
How to apply sunscreen?
Effectiveness of sunscreens depends on how properly they are applied. Here is a quick guideline for perfect application of Cube Sunblock Suntastic:
1. Use your sunblock every day.
2. Apply your sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before the exposure to sun.
3. Reapply it after every 2 hours if outdoors – even if the product is labeled as “ALL DAY”. If you sweat/ perspire heavily, make frequent application of sunscreen.
4. Apply sunblock after moisturizer and before makeup. Direct application of sunblock on skin can cause wrinkling.
5. If you spend a lot of time in sunlight, cover face, lips, ears and hands.
6. Don’t put a lot of the product, just a generous layer. Smooth and rub in circular motions with gentle fingers.
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Stay Healthy!

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