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Is Rose Beauty Elixir by Spa in a Bottle Worth Spending On?

Benefits of Rose Beauty Elixir

Lately, I received a package from Spa in a Bottle by Rabia and I am glad she sent me this outstanding box full of wonders. Honestly, I do not review the PR packages if it did not work well for me. My ultimate goal is to guide my people correctly as much as possible and you must be aware of it if you are following my instagram – Mehwish Mehr. So, a big yes to Rose Elixir without a pinch of a doubt for Rose Beauty Elixir – one of the products she sent my way.
It is a daytime moisturizer and works great with smooth skin as a primer. It is super-hydrating and gives a really nice dewy glow to the skin. This Rose Elixir by Spa in a Bottle is prepared with the help of adding light organically produced essential oils such as evening primrose, pumpkin seed oil, rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to Rose Oil to create a complete hydrated formula. This combination of these oils helps your skin to regenerate tissues helping in retaining its elasticity. Furthermore, it is a great skin care product to treat uneven skin tones, reduce wrinkles/ fine lines and pigmentation.
Rabia has made this ideal serum light enough to rapidly absorbs into skin and you can feel the immediate glow with matte finish. It works well with all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin. As it is organically produced, so safe enough to be used during pregnancy, including all her entire line of skin, body and hair care products, which is cruelty free.
If your lips break out whenever you apply matte formula, trust me consider this elixir a blessing. Before application of any matte lipstick, simply prep your lips with this serum and you are good to go. Also, I have been using this product for about a month now and here is a quick list of benefits you will enjoy with this charming mystical bottle:
• Anti-Ageing
• Non-Greasy
• Lightly formulated and scented
• Great for all skin types
• Dewy finish
• Treats uneven skin tone
• Great for skin protection
• Adds glow to skin
• Helps in blending out thick formulated makeup products
• Hydrate lips
• Adds extra glow to highlighter
• Keeps the skin hydrated all day long
• Regain of skin elasticity
• Cruelty-free
• Reduce Wrinkles
• Treats Pigmentation

As a bonus, you can reuse dried up makeup products by adding few drops of Rose Beauty Elixir.
How to apply?
Apply a drop on each cheek and smooth it out in circular motions over face and lips. Works well throughout the day!
Lastly, Make sure you mix every serum or liquefied products before you. Do not shake it but simply rotate the bottle horizontally between the palms. If you have used it already, do not forget to share your views in the comment section below!

Stay Healthy!

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